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Brown Society

The Brown Society recognizes and honors individuals who have remembered Lyon College in their estate planning. Members of the society are forward-thinking persons whose legacies will positively impact the future students for generations to come. The society is named for two such persons -- Mr. W.C. Brown, Jr., and his sister, Ms. Jean Brown; gifts from these siblings from Hot Springs, Arkansas helped provide the iconic Brown Chapel - Fine Arts Building as well as a scholarship endowment that continues to reward our brightest students. The Browns worked hard and were wise stewards of their resources, and we are inspired and humbled by their choice to share the fruits of their labors for the benefit of students whom they would never have an opportunity to meet. If you have named Lyon College in your will or estate plan, please let us know so that we may celebrate your generosity and work closely with you to make certain your planned gifts, when realized, have the impact you desire and expect.

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Brown Society

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